Welcome Back!

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Anna and Drew have been on maternity/paternity leave since the arrival of gorgeous baby Louisa in December 2012. We have had a blast over the last year but it is well and truly time that we appeared back on the property scene again here in Northampton.

What a great way to make our comeback than by having an offer accepted on a b*tch of a property in Far Cotton. It’s a Victorian terrace that has had one room cut out, turned into a one bed flat and sold off, thus making the whole property unmortgageable. Added to that, there are other “perks” such as terrible plumbing running from a ground floor WC, up into the first floor, across the house and back down and out. Or, the garden has been sold off and flats built so the property has no parking or garden. Priceless…

This is exactly the kind of property we love as most investors fall into two categories – “money to burn” investors wanting a ready to go house and happy to pay full market value and “below market value” investors looking for a deal. Neither want to park £100k+ into an unmortgageable property that needs work!

That is where we come in… This property may take some time to come back to us but we’re happy to wait.