The internet helps vendors with realistic valuations at last

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I met a vendor last week who is looking to move on from her house in the eastern district and relocate closer to the town to be near her family. Very sensibly she was weighing up her options for a fast sale, and originally made contact with an Estate Agent based in town. A couple of days later I went round to talk about her circumstances and find a conclusion so she could move. One of the things we discussed was the estate agents valuation of the property.  It was way above the street average and it caused her to question if she could actually achieve this price by researching online. The wonderful thing about selling your house these days is the amount of detail the public are able to obtain on the internet.  Sites like Rightmove and Zoopla offer sold prices down your street, can give you a worked out average value and even find comparable sold houses in similar streets nearby.  In short,  there is no hiding place when it comes to the numbers, and only the naive or dare I say it, dishonest estate agents will attempt to pad the figures in order to secure a listing with a homeowner. She was right to question their valuation, the nearest comparable sold price, which happened to be the next number up the street, went for less than 25% below the price the estate agent told her she would achieve. If she had signed up with this estate agent the property would still be on the market well in to next year, and unlikely to have had any viewings as it was not priced to sell.
Shortly after she got in contact with me, I went in to speak to her openly and honestly about what she could achieve, helped with some logistical issues and questions and we were able to agree a sale between us. This happy vendor will be moving on with her life and settled in her new home before Christmas, and I will be able to provide housing for another family.  It feels great to help people out.