Still helping people in Northamptonshire

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So we’ve been in business here close to 4 years now, and we still find ourselves helping people out in difficult situations with their properties. It’s wonderful to be able to help people out and find a solution to their problems and each time we do its amazing to still discover what passion we have for our work.
Our latest story is one of a lovely family in a house in one of the villages just outside Northampton.  They found themselves ready to move on and had an exciting plan to relocate abroad, after being on the market with a high street estate agent for nearly 5 months, a sale was agreed with someone who already lived in the village. After going through 3 months of the legal process, the buyer pulled out of the sale leaving the homeowners right back at the beginning, losing 8 months in the process.
We were approached through one of our private ads as they were tired of waiting to pursue their dream of moving abroad, and I was glad to say I could help them out. I arranged a quick sale with them and paid all their solicitor fees, while keeping them informed of the developments every step of the way. The great news for them is they will be moving on Friday and off to start their new life, it was just a few weeks ago that dream appeared to be one they couldn’t realise until sometime in 2015.
So roll on Friday then, one family will be ending a chapter in this property, moving on and starting an exciting new life, and we get the keys to a potential new home for another family to begin their story.