Repossessions hit 3 homes a day In Northampton

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Repossession levels hit an average of 3 houses every day in Northampton, with an average of 1 in 70 homes affected in the town in the last year. Signs are that despite the reports that the housing market is on the up, there are still a lot of people unable to meet their repayments and falling in to serious financial difficulty. The article published last month in the Chronicle and Echo states that it is among the worst areas in the East Midlands, but who are people turning to when they are in desperate need of help?
Repossessions should be a last resort, an absolute and finalĀ  step for people who have no one to turn to in their hour of need. At I buy houses in Northampton we believe it should never get to this stage, as it not only damages a persons credit for the future, but it causes huge amounts of distress and anxiety for them and their families.
We can help.
There are many solutions for preventing a repossession, and everybody’s situation is unique. What we are able to do is go through your circumstances privately and help you find a quick and easy answer to let you move on from the whole painful experience, even if you are on the brink of repossession.
If you are in a difficult position and are looking for help, or if you just want to know more, give us a call and we will happily talk further.

24 September 2014

You can find the article from the Chronicle and Echo here: