Amateur Investors

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I attended a local property related event this weekend, and one of the questions that came up was the question of becoming a professional property investor. I was asked about my journey into the business and more importantly what did I do to get started and make it a success.
The key word is professional. If you are treating it like a business you have to think like a business owner. This means making sure you are doing it right first time, making sure you know what you are talking about when people are turning to you for advice, and  you need to be properly educated. Of all the investments I’ve made in my property business, by far the most valuable one was in my education. Once you have the knowledge then you have the most important tool to make your business a success.
A lot of people I come across in the property business often look to ‘dabble’ in the market, to try it out and see how you get on. The dangerous thing here is that property mistakes can be very expensive mistakes. You are safer making sure you know what to do first.