Manny was looking to move out of his five bedroom house in Goldings, and in to a family home with his partner who was expecting their first child. They wanted to move quickly in time for the baby to arrive and he was not sure how to proceed with the house he was in. I buy Houses in Northampton did some marketing for Manny, helped find the target market and assist with the relocation to a new property. The whole process was fast and each step was clearly explained. “The experience has been fantastic” Manny said, because in addition to getting the help he required he also learnt a lot along the way. “You have given your time, even if you don’t have any”, was his comment, due to some assistance on the renting side, including some late night calls and responses to advertising that he was given help with. On the completion of the process and the happy birth of his daughter, he also added “You are responsive, attentive and transparent, thank you for all your help”

Juliette was in a sticky situation, toward the end of a three month lock in period on a contract with an estate agent, and just a few weeks from relocating to Australia with her family, she needed help to find a solution to selling her house in East Hunsbury, and she needed it quickly. I Buy Houses in Northampton were able to not only get her a fast sale, they also managed the process through for her so she could concentrate on the more important matter of getting herself and her family ready for the big move across the world. “I wanted to thank you for all your help. We do appreciate it” Juliette said as she prepared to depart down under. A stressful situation was made easy for them, “It was comforting to know that there are people out there who are willing to help” She added.

Anna (not to be confused with I Buy Houses in Northampton’s Anna!) was living in rented accomodation when she contacted I Buy Houses in Northampton. She was looking at one of the rent-now-buy-later options on offer a 3 bed house in Semilong, as she had a young family and was desperate to get on to the property ladder. Anna and Drew met with her and her partner several times, talked through the whole process and simplified it so it was easy to understand. They were also shown round the property, and we’re even given guidance on how the deposits and rent payments would work. “Thanks ever so much for all your help” said Anna after their final meeting with them, “I am very grateful”.

Ruth was selling her house and was struggling to get viewings on her property in Lings. After she contacted I Buy Houses in Northampton to see if she could get help with selling. They offered a consultancy on the property and an extensive explanation of observations, and ways to increase the chances of selling on the market. After the sale went through shortly after she made the changes based on recommendations she said “Thank you for sending me your [property consultancy service] report so quickly following our recent meeting at my house. I found it very comprehensive without being too heavy going to read and contained much more than I had anticipated. The extra information regarding houses recently sold in my area was of particular interest. Also, the suggestions made to help me make my property more presentable were very useful without being too expensive”.

Mark was on the market for some time with his flat in Duston, when he called I buy houses in Northampton he was in a position where he needed to move quickly, or risk missing a job opportunity that had come his way. He had a property in Wales and was relocating there, so was paying two mortgages while he waited to sell his flat. Not only was he able to talk through the situation discreetly he was also able to get a quick solution and sell his house in time for his move. “Thank you for all of your guidance and help during this stressful period, much appreciated” said Mark as he was another customer who had been helped by I buy houses in Northampton.